iGyro Profit Optimiser for Builders

Learn how to Fully Systemise Your Building Business

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Courses in this Program:

Lessons in Financial Clarity :

  1. 1 Business Budgeting in Xero

    Objective: How to Make Better Business Decisions Based on Your Budget in Xero

  2. 2 Job Profitability Overview

  3. 3 Configure iGyro / Xero Integration

  4. 4 Processing AP Invoices

  5. 5 Invoice Capture "Training"

  6. 6 Financial Reporting

  7. 7 Markup vs Margin

    Objective: Understand the Accountants word Margin

Lessons in Estimating Best Practice:

  1. 1 Cost Centre Setup

    Objective: Learn How to Setup your Cost Centres in iGyro

  2. 2 Quote Requests

    Objective: Simplify Your Quoting Process

  3. 3 Takeoffs

  4. 4 Bill of Quantities

  5. 5 KL-Issuing Purchase Orders / Syncing Build.IQ with iGyro

Lessons in Marketing that Works:

  1. 1 High Perfomance Websites

    Objective: Get Your Website Working for You

  2. 2 Social Media Made Easy

    Objective: Basic Lesson on Using Social Bee for scheduling Social Media posts

  3. 3 Google My Business & Ads

    Objective: Essential Marketing Lesson

  4. 4 Email Marketing

    Objective: Understanding the Power of Email Marketing

  5. 5 The Client Portal

    Objective: Learn how to differentiate Your Business from other Builders

  6. 6 House and Land Packages

  7. 7 Digital Branding

  8. 8 Google Analytics

    Objective: Use and understand Google Analytics

  9. 9 Facebook Ads

Lessons in Systemise Your Sales Process:

  1. 1 Sales Lead Reporting

    Objective: Projected Revenue and Task Digest Reports

  2. 2 iGyro Portal CRM

  3. 3 Sales Processes

    Objective: Stop Wasting Time with Tyre Kickers

  4. 4 The Design Portal

    Objective: Learn how to systemise you sales team interface with a building designer

  5. 5 Online Forms - Self Qualifying Clients

Lessons in iProx Sales Estimating:

  1. 1 Getting Started with Rapid Estimating

    Objective: Create Your First iProx

Lessons in New Home Building Contracts:

  1. 1 Preliminary Services Agreement

    Objective: How and When to Use Preliminary Agreements

  2. 2 The Standard Specification

  3. 3 Paperless Contract Signing

    Objective: Understanding DocuSign

  4. 4 The Colour Selection

    Objective: To understand the Colour Selection

Lessons in Job Delivery:

  1. 1 Trade Agreements for Contractors - DocuSign

    Objective: How to Create Legal Agreements with Your Trade Contractors

  2. 2 Using the Site Schedule

    Objective: Systemise Your Site Management

  3. 3 Handover & Maintenance

    Objective: Improve the Client Experience

  4. 4 Manual Purchase Orders

    Objective: Create and Issue Purchase Orders

  5. 5 Systemise Job Maintenance

Lessons in Business Administration:

  1. 1 Adverse Weather Claims

    Objective: Understand the BOM/iGyro Integration

  2. 2 Editing Mail Merges

    Objective: Get the Mail Merges from iGyro to Generate with your Information

Lessons in Construction:

  1. 1 SAI Global

  2. 2 Biax pod and slab system

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